Starting a new business?

The Marketing Director will provide advice and guidance to avoid many of the traps which cause new business to fail. We will assist with development of business plans, making application for finance and competitive positioning to give you the best chance of getting to profitability.

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Is your business is not doing as well as it could do?

The Business Improvement service from The Marketing Director will guide you in evaluating your business and identifying areas which are holding you back. Then we will develop and implement joint plans to take your business to new heights.

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Time to review and renew your strategy?

The Marketing Director will work with your executive or management team in reviewing current strategies and strengthening them or developing new strategies and plans. The review is often in a think tank environment and may be formalised using the MarkStrat method developed by The Marketing Director.

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Facilitation and speaking

A meeting or convention needs a skilled facilitator or speaker? Ed facilitates meetings and think tanks ranging from marketing strategy to team building and problem solving events. He is also a compelling and amusing speaker on a wide range of business related and personal development topics.

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Success Stories

In every success there are many elements, and I make no claim that this is all and only my doing – some very dedicated and smart entrepreneurs made it happen. But I advised, coached, strategised, planned and guided them towards these successes.

There are case studies for several of the following, which may assist other entrepreneurs. If you would like a case study or a reference from a client, please drop us an e-mail telling which story interests you by clicking here.

The Legacy Project

Ed’s profile and interview is added to The Legacy Project. This project is a resource for people who want to accelerate their growth through lessons from the world’s greatest. It includes profiles and interviews with iconic businesspeople, writers, coaches, adventurers, sportspeople and others whose experiences and thoughts inspire and inform people wishing to learn and grow.


  • Ed has that "damn" factor that very few marketing guys have ... "Life experience" he is a guru in his field because he presents real life examples with every suggestion he makes. It is easy to get marketing from a book, but it is hard to get it from experience!

    Martin Brown, Radical Holdings (Pty) Ltd

  • Ed has provided consulting servcies to several clients of Business Partners, through our mentorship services, over the past 5 years. His work is of high quality and he is always willing to go the extra mile - assignments completed for our clients adds a lot of value and has improved client businesses on many occasions. I think he is a person of high integrity and will continue to use his services whenever the need calls for these.

    Paul Malherbe, African Management Services

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